Users’ profiles are automatically set to public and are signed up for all site notifications and emails – All settings can be changed
Public – Non-Pen Pals can view all your information, photos, and videos, but not post on your profile
Private – Non-Pen Pals cannot view any or your information, photos, or videos, nor can they post on your profile
Invite a friend to join - Earn 10 chips per person you invite to join the site
Status Updates
To stay current with what your Pen Pals are up to, make sure to subscribe to them via your Pen Pals page. If you wish to unsubscribe to a Pen Pals' updates simply uncheck the box (when you send a Pen Pal request and it is accepted, you are automatically signed up for their updates. If you receive a request and accept it you are not automatically subscribed to their update - you must subscribe).
Travel Search Directory
The Travel Search Directory is the fastest way to directly connect with peers that will have answers to your travel questions. Simply use the filters to identify the types of travelers you would like to speak with. Members are listed in search results by who is online, and by passport ranking. From the results you can directly send a member a message even though you aren’t Pen Pals with them; if someone (non-pen pal) sends you a message and you respond, you get 5 chips added to your Travel Roulette bank.
My Trip Tracker
It is difficult to keep everyone abreast of what is going on while traveling - enter My Trip Tracker. My Trip Tracker allows you to keep everyone informed of where you are, what you are doing, and who you are doing it with by checking-in via an interactive map that paints a real-time picture for your Pen Pals. You can create as many trips as you would like, and the old ones are saved on your profile. This site finds that most travelers want real-time, relevant information which is why we have allowed members to SAVE AND PUBLISH their check-ins where the data then transfers to the Rouletters tab (should they choose to do so) and earn 5 chips every time you save and publish a check-in (if a user clicks save, it will not transfer the data to Rouletters and will only be visible only to users' Pen Pals).
Travel Map
The Travel Map allows members to place pins in countries and cities they have been to or want to go, the red pin represents where the member currently lives (entered in about page). Every time you add or remove a pin in your travel map, it transfers the information to your Electronic Passport. Curious about how your travel compares to that of a Pen Pal or how your Pen Pals measure up against each other? Simply click the Compare Map tab within the page.
Electronic Passport
Your Electronic Passport is a way for members to quickly glance at all the places you have been. There is no need to input any information in this page as your stamps are automatically generated by your Travel Map. There are different passport rankings which affect your site visibility. Passport rankings are achieved is through site involvement, and the benchmark breakdown is as follows:
Green – Every member starts with a green passport
Blue – 50 chips
Red – 100 chips
Silver – 150 chips
Gold – 200 chips
Black – 250 chips
Your passport ranking remains the same until the countdown hits zero, once that happens, all members revert to green and must build their ranking again.
Travel Forum
Post, respond, and search questions pertaining to your place of interest. This is a great place to gather information or build your reputation as a travel expert. Every time you respond to a post, receive 5 chips towards your Travel Roulette bank.
Picture or it didn’t happen
A picture says a thousand words, and this photo forum was created to capture and share the inevitable random awesomeness that accompanies travel within the community. The weekly and monthly winners are the photos with the most “props” by the Travel Roulette community and will be rewarded bonus chips to add to their table – Get 1 chip for every picture you post, weekly winner receives 50 chips and monthly receives 250 chips towards their Travel Roulette bank.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a thousand words worth? Some of us like to express and share our experiences through writing and photos. If you are one of those people, click Save and Publish on your check-ins in your My Trip Tracker and help the community by sharing your experience or simply publish a specific location and experience directly to the page. Rouletters is a real-time feed of travelers’ notes on places around the world. 
For those of you who need a job on-the-go to sustain your vagabond lifestyle; search your location of interest for job listing and apply directly. For those that need temporary help, this is the place for you to post.
My Table
The Travel Roulette profile is your personal roulette table. We have revamped and improved this classic by swapping the 36 numbers with 36 activities because activities are always more fun than numbers. The surrounding traditional outside bet sections have been replaced by regions that list their respective countries (only 2 regions can be open on the board at a time, close a region by clicking on it again).
As you earn chips through your activities, scatter them (chips can only be moved in sums of 10) as you wish (when chips are placed on a square already containing chips they will compound and can’t be separated again). The only play requirement to qualify to win is that you have chips on three activities and a country. When the countdown hits zero, the cumulative amount of chips on the three chosen activities and country determine the winners. The top 3 members with the most chips on the winning drawing combination win the trip. So, the more you help the community, the greater your chance to win. See Chip System page for breakdown
For any questions email: support@mytravelroulette.com