Chip System
Throughout your use on this site, you may notice that you are being rewarded Travel Chips along the way. The chip system is our way of giving back to you for helping the community.
Invite a friend to join via email (in settings)- 10 chips
Travel Search Directory
The initial response to a non-Pen Pal message - 5 chips
My Trip Tracker
Each time you save and publish an account to Rouletters - 5 chips
Each time you publish a Rouletter directly to the page - 5 chips
Travel Forum
Initial response to a question - 5 chips
You can only earn chips the first time you respond to a particular question
You can earn chips every time you respond to a different question
Picture or it didn't happen
Each picture you post - 1 chip
If you are selected (chosen by most user props) for photo of the week - 50 chips
If you are selected (chosen by most user props) for the photo of the month - 250 chips
For any questions email: