About Us
Travel Roulette provides a fast and fun way to directly engage with fellow travellers who have been there and have the answers you need. We provide alternatives that focus on giving you one-on-one or group interactions much like you would find at a hostel, border crossing, or wandering around town. We are currently in BETA. If you are experiencing any site issues or have suggestions for improving the community, please let us know at: support@mytravelroulette.com.
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Make Pen Pals and Chat One-on-One - Our Travel Search Directory connects you to a database of individuals you want to talk to.
Share Your Experiences - Whether sharing with family and pen pals or the community, My Trip Tracker allows you to keep everyone updated by your check-ins. Create a trip and start checking-in! If you are doing something worth sharing with the community, publish it to Rouletters with the click of a button. If you don't want to backlog a trip but have an experience or recommendation for a specific location you can directly post it to the Rouletters page.
Ask the Community - Our Travel Forum puts you in touch with the entire community, so you can receive a wealth of opinions and recommendations.
Prove it! - We don't want to hear about the fish you caught that was 'this big.' Prove it to the community by posting it on Picture or it didn't happen.
Find Sources to Sustainably Travel - For the long-term traveler, Vaga-Jobs keeps you informed of opportunities available in your area. If you are looking for short-term or seasonal help around your farm, hostel, restaurant, etc., this is a great place to post your opportunity.
Map Where You Have Been - Then compare it side-by-side with your pen pals
Share Tips, Win Trips - At Travel Roulette our dream is to help yours come true. The more you interact, the more chips you can earn towards your travel roulette table - making you that much closer to a trip of a lifetime. You control where you want your dream trip and how bad you want it, we do the rest.
Travel Roulette is a community that values sharing experiences and helping others on their journey. So, turn those travel questions into answers by connecting with those who have been there, and make pen pals along the way.
Our Story
Allen Dickens and Mitch Taylor have spent the last seven years working random jobs from fish-pitching in Alaska to Woofing in Patagonia to continue their namadic lifestyle. It was early March, 2013 in Lake Titicaca, Bolivia where they found themselves in deep discussion on what resources - as travelers - they wish they had. They found that the best advice they'd received, and friendships they have made were from locals, and fellow travelers they met along the way and thought... "Why can't we alleviate some of the unknowns faced with traveling, while preserving the random awesomeness?" They promised each other that upon their return home they would dedicate themselves to creating such a community.
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